Nydia Tejada

CEO and Founder of Mission and Vision Financial Freedom is a Professional in the Insurance and Financial services industry. With her 10 years of experience, she is dedicated to providing financial guidance to her community as well as adding value. Her high level of commitment, helps her clients make assertive decisions to protect their families. Her motto is “Living Benefits it’s an essential necessity in Life”.

Contact Info:

Phone: 703-505-3375
Email: Info@ourmissionandvision.com

Spencer Wallace

With more than 15 years of insurance and finance experience, Spencer firmly believes in bringing prosperity back to his community by providing financial guidance, empowering, and developing leaders. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 240-315-1928
Email: spencerwallace1986@gmail.com

Sandra Scott

Is a licensed insurance agent serving families and small businesses in her community, educating on the value of life insurance and retirement planning to meet one’s current and future needs. Prior to becoming an agent, Sandra worked for the Federal Government in the Departments of Defense, Treasury, and Homeland Security for over 32 years. She performed various jobs in Administration and Operations that included working as a law enforcement officer. After receiving retirement information early in her career, Sandra carefully executed her retirement plan and is now doing something that is passion-laden. She has always assisted others no matter where she was working; however, seeing this opportunity was so much more attractive is a real means of helping. “This opportunity is allowing me to help others avoid going through trial and error in protecting their families and businesses”.  

Sandra loves traveling to places undiscovered by her immersing in the culture, while also learning.

Contact Info:

Phone: 571-331-6922
Email: black24gold@yahoo.com

Marketa Zmeskalova

She has experience working in healthcare that includes different roles within private medical practice. From reception management and relationship with insurance companies to revenue cycle management and general health of private practices.

Marketa began her career in financial services in July 2019 because she has seen a lack of financial education. Financial health looks different for everyone and Marketa is determined to serve each client based on their individual needs. Her focus is retirement and tax minimization strategies for working professionals and their families.

Marketa enjoys quality time with her husband and friends and in her spare time she engages in activities such as walks, exercise, and travel.

Contact Info:

Phone: 571-527-8884
Email: marketa304@hotmail.com


Sholem Cox

Sholem Cox, a successful entrepreneur in the financial industry as an Insurance Agent/Broker, providing numerous financial services.

Mrs. Cox has helped many families plan ahead and protect the people they love.  Providing customized policies that fit her clients needs.  Protecting them against price inflation and to have peace of mind.

She emphasizes building long-term relationships as well as excellent customer service.  Her leadership skills as well as sales acumen have made her a very successful Agent with a track record of success.

Contact Information:

Phone: 202-415-4883
Email: sholemcox.life@gmail.com

Life Insurance Agent

Evelyn Adu Gyamfi

Joined the industry 6 years ago and now is a team builder with more than 50 agents working with her to bring vital information to her community. She is mother of 3 and is able to have a flexible schedule to divide her time between her career and her family. It is one of the best benefits of being part of a team. She is available to help her clients with any needs and questions they have regarding their finances. 

Contact Information:

Phone: 240-280-4900
Email: livingforward2014@gmail.com

Kelly Ventura

Kelly Ventura

Kelly Ventura has a degree in business administration. She graduated from Trinity Washington University in 2016 with honors. She currently works in the company of Empire Professional Services, LLC and is dedicated to tax preparation (taxes), certified agent by the IRS, notary public and translator from Spanish to English. At the same time she is a licensed life insurance agent with the National Life Group and the Mission & Vision team.

Contact Information:

Phone: 240-480-1303
Email: Info@empirepservices.com

Alma Gallegos

Alma has 12 years experience working in the healthcare industry. Where she was able to perform many roles within a private medical practice which gave her the backbone to her management skills and being able to grow a business. Alma began her career in the financial world in October 2019 having the need for financial education herself and seeing the need in her community. She has been able to help her community achieve many life goals starting with credit restoration, financial education, home ownership, and is now providing protection  with life insurance policy with living benefits! She is fluent in English and Spanish and her goal is to help as many families achieve their financial freedom.  She is a licensed life insurance agent with National Life Group and the Mission & Vision team.

Contact Information:

Phone: 571-402-5126
Email: lafamiliafs1@gmail.com